This rider's profile may not be complete (and thus may not reflect a complete historical record) due to older scores that are either missing or not available.
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    • 1
    • 1
    •   Rider has earned 7 point(s) at 3rd Level (70%).
    •   Rider has earned 13 point(s) at 4th Level (100%).
    •   4th Level points earned but missing required 2* rating.
    •   Rider has earned 14 point(s) at Prix St Georges (100%).
    •   Rider has earned 8 point(s) at Intermediate (80%).
    Show Experience
    • Last show was
    • First show on file was
    • 148 Shows with 23 horse(s)
    Lifetime Median Scores
    • Intermediare 1 - 61.998%
    • Prix St Georges - 60.989%
    • 4th - 61.5%
    • 3rd - 60%
    • 2nd - 58.947%
    • 1st - 63.235%
    • Training - 64.9%
    Rider Awards
    • CLS Rider Rating - 1 Star in 1996
    • USDF Silver Medal in 2003
    Most recently riding
    This rider has met all of the qualifications for the USDF Bronze Medal, but has not yet applied to USDF for the award. USDF Silver Medal awarded on Feb 13, 2003 This rider has 2 out of 4 required qualifying rides for this USDF Gold Medal.
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